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Care homes

  • Healthcare Tunics from AWB

    Galaxy Healthcare Tunic

    We introduced the 1st Choice Galaxy healthcare tunic back in October 2017 and it's one of our fastest-growing products.

    "Looks good... Excellent quality... this was my second order as I was well pleased with my first order."

    Made from hard-wearing poly/cotton fabric, it comes with two hip pockets and two chest pockets. It is zip fastened and has a flattering fit with a double vented back for extra comfort. Continue reading

  • Updated page for nursing and care home customers

    We've updated our page for nursing and care home customers. It not only features our range of nursing and care uniforms, but also contains extra content such as bestsellers and links to useful blogs.

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  • Five facts about UK care home uniforms

    Five facts about UK care home uniformsIn the latest post in our new 'five facts' series, we've rounded up some facts about UK care home uniforms.

    Delve in to find out more. In this blog we cover why uniforms in care homes are so important, the debate about surrounding whether to wear them or not, and what's available in the UK today.

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  • Xtreme Stretch Range - A Popular Choice

    Dickies Xtreme Stretch LogoOur Dickies Xtreme Stretch is proving to be as popular as ever with our customers. The range continues to appeal to those looking for nursing and care home uniforms in a soft yet hard-wearing material, and a stylish and modern cut.

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  • Our best care and nursing clothing for 2017

    It's very nearly 2017 so we've been rounding up our bestselling uniforms from the last year, while looking forward to next year. Here we look at our best care and nursing clothing for 2017.

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  • Nursing uniforms - a brief history

    Nursing uniforms and clothing by AWB TextilesHere at AWB, we've been tracing the history of nursing uniforms.

    In doing so, we stumbled across a great infographic (included below).

    We also unearthed some history behind the iconic outfits, once known simply as 'the national' and now likely to be known as 'scrubs'.

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  • What makes the best care home uniform?

    Our best care home uniform - AWB Textiles

    What makes the best care home uniform? It's a question we're often asked here at AWB Textiles, and something we have considerable experience in.

    In our blog on the positive aspects of care home uniforms, we outlined the following points:

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  • Should care home staff wear uniforms?

    Pic of someone in a care home uniformCare home uniforms continue to be a hot topic in the sector, particularly whether you should wear a care uniform or not? Here at AWB we have always appreciated that there are two distinct schools of thought.’s 2013 survey really started to highlight the topic. According to half of those questioned in the poll, staff working in care homes should wear a uniform. The results showed that some 57% of more than 1,000 people surveyed were in favour of the idea, with 34% against and around 8% saying maybe.

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  • 5 reasons why carers will wear care home uniforms

    Next week we will be attending the Care & Dementia Show at the NEC Birmingham. The show aims to provide education, products and services to organisations responsible for the care of older people.

    AWB Textiles will be exhibiting at the Care and Dementia Show 2015

    Designed to give you inspiration, innovation and ideas to assist you in running your care business, we will be at the show with our range of care home uniforms.

    Care home uniforms are a hot topic in the sector’s 2013 survey really started to highlight the discussion topic – should you wear a care uniform or not? Here at AWB we appreciate there are two distinct schools of thought.
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