carhartt workwear

Carhartt Workwear

Founded in 1889 in the US, The Carhartt Workwear brand's original purpose was to provide protective overalls for railroad workers, as such it evolved to encompass durable features such as rivets at stress points and heavy-duty threads. Now a thriving worldwide business, [...]

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Screengrab of AskAndy's Dickies Workwear trainer review

Dickies Tiber Trainer – You Tube workwear review

Here at AWB Textiles we're always on the look out for great content about our products. We simply love AskAndy's You Tube workwear reviews! He takes the time to produce excellent short films about products, reviewing their relative strengths and weaknesses. Here [...]

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Our favourite workwear accessories

Explore some of our favourite workwear accessories that will make your working life that little bit easier. We've handpicked three of the best accessories we stock - from a cap to a practical belt and even some hardwearing socks, all designed with [...]

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Some our medical scrub embroidery machines

The evolution of machine embroidered scrub suits and uniforms

Embroidery - and in particular embroidered scrubs and medical clothing - has come a long way since traditional hand embroidery was first challenged by mechanical solutions in the mid-19th century. Although the earliest examples of hand-embroidered garments date back to 30,000 BC, [...]

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Dickies Xtreme Stretch Now Available Online

Make sure you check out our Dickies Xtreme Stretch Range that is now available online! The Dickies Xtreme Stretch range includes: Mock Wrap Top, V-neck Top and Elastic Waist Pant! All 3 garments are available in 8 Colours; Black, Ceil, Hunter Green, [...]

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Why Use Knee Pads?

Some lines of work are physically demanding and as a result there can sometimes be a risk of damage to the body. Therefore certain equipment has been developed to promote the safety of the worker. Knee pads are just one example of [...]

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Choose High Visibility for Increased Safety

The high visibility jacket has become a universal piece of clothing to promote an individual’s safety in a variety of scenarios where there is limited lighting and poor visibility where the individual might be at risk. Many work places provide their staff [...]

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Head into Safety: Equipment to be Worn to Protect You at Work

According to “The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations of 1992” all employers must make sure employees are supplied with personal protective equipment to ensure that their employees are safe at work. Taken directly from the AWB textiles website here are 3 [...]

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