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  • We're starting 2017 at Professional Dentistry London 2017

    Professional Dentistry Conference, London Olympia, 2016Professional Dentistry London is the obvious first stop for us in 2017.

    One of the biggest events in the UK for dental professionals, it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet people in the industry.

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  • Supporting dentists and the dental sector

    Here at AWB we're incredibly proud to support dentists and the dental sector - from supplying uniforms to dental practices and supporting industry events, to helping good causes.

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  • Innovation in dentistry clothing and uniforms

    For over 60 years now we've been putting dental clothing innovation into practice as a modern supplier of uniforms and scrub suits to our ever increasing dental customers across the UK. Here's how and why:

    Xtreme Stretch dental top tunic shown on a model1. Dentistry has changed over the years

    For many of us, a visit to the dentist as a child was a mildly harrowing experience! The visit could often be a bit scary, within an austere surgery where stood a dentist in a stark, starched white tunic. Yikes!

    But how things have changed for the better in recent years.

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  • See you at The Dentistry Show - 22-23 April 2016

    DS 2014 Logo with SponsorWith a short break over the winter months, the conference and exhibition season resumes for us at the end of this month.

    We’ll be attending The Dentistry Show between 22-23 April at the Birmingham NEC.

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  • Top tips for aspiring young dentists - updated for #ProDentistry 2016

    This post first appeared on our website in June 2014. It's now January 2016 and we're currently preparing to attend the Professional Dentistry Conference at London Olympia (taking place between Friday 29 and Saturday 30 January). So we thought the blog could be updated.

    The 2015 Professional Dentistry event at London OlympiaWhile we still present a selection of top tips that will help aspiring young dentists - ones that will ensure that you stand the best chance of success in dentistry from your dental study through to your dental career - we want to focus on the importance of networking events such as #ProDentistry.

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  • Avoid The What To Wear To Work Dilemma Every Morning

    At AWB Textiles we have a selection of scrub suits suitable for a variety of environments including

    Dentistry Uniforms

    Dickies Multi-Pocket Top
    Choose from a range of 11 colours and ensure comfort in your dentistry practice with the roomy Dickies Multi Pocket Top.
    View here

    Veterinary Uniforms

    Cherokee Hip Pocket Tunic
    This hard wearing fabric is designed to deal with a range of substances. This V Neck tunic also has two side seam vents and two patch pockets.
    View here

    Care Home Uniforms

    Galaxy Ladies Wrap Top
    A great scrub suit available on the 2 for 1 offer. This scrub top is for ladies only.
    View here

    Beauty and Therapy Uniforms

    Xtreme Stretch Ladies Mock Wrap Top
    This stylish scrub top is a great choice for the beauty industry. Available in 8 colours including; Black, Ceil, Hunter Green, Navy, Pewter, Royal Blue, Wine and Eggplant.
    View here

  • Dental Care for Young Children and Babies

    Caring for your babies teeth and gums can be a challenge and statistics show that a high percentage of under 5’s have tooth decay.

    Dentists have to look after the teeth of the old and the young. Sometimes keeping children's teeth healthy can be a challenge.

    There are now many retailers across the UK that stock child friendly and baby friendly dental care products.

    What do you recommend?

  • Do Your Dental Patients Often Skip Check Ups?

    You probably tell your patients that they should have a dental check-up approximately every 6 months and at the minimum once every year. However despite this advice many dentists are still witnessing an increase in the number of patients that are skipping their appointments.

    You might have noticed a gender divide in those visiting your dental surgery as research according to a survey by the dental people suggests that 49% of women compared to 43% of men were more likely to attend the dentist regularly. Despite this there is still an astonishing 5 million people in the UK who have failed to attend the dentist in the last 10 years. Continue reading

  • Oral Bacteria Can Be Used To Identify A Person’s Ethnicity

    In addition to being able to identify a person’s ethnicity from their finger prints, recent research has suggested that bacteria found in the mouth and in particular the gums can also lead to the identification of a person’s ethnicity. After a study of over 100 people from 4 different ethnic affiliations found that no two people were exactly alike, there appeared to be a shared DNA sequencing within ethnic communities.

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  • Antibacterial Agent Triclosan Boosts Toothpaste Effectiveness

    There are increasing cases of our oral health being affected by dental issues such as plaque, gingivitis, bleeding and tooth decay. Dentists seem to be fighting an impossible battle of eradicating these very common dental problems. Despite this, recently there has been research that suggests by using fluoride toothpaste that has the low toxic antibacterial agent triclosan your oral health can be improved and in some cases the oral health issues mentioned above can be reduced.

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