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  • Different Types Of High Visibility Clothing

    High visibility clothing has become a popular choice of safety equipment used to promote personal safety. You are able to choose from a variety of high visibility clothing designs choosing the most suitable design for your activity. For example during summer nights it would be more sensible to wear a thin high visibility vest as opposed to a thick high visibility jacket.  Here at AWB we supply a selection of high visibility clothing so you can choose what suits you best.

    Dickies High Visibility Bomber Jacket

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  • Why Should You Invest In A Back Support Belt?

    Back pain is a common problem not only for those in physically demanding industries but also to those carrying out physically demanding activities that perhaps their bodies are not use to for e.g. gardening. Equipment has therefore been developed to provide support to the lower back in the form of a back support belt. The belt works by correcting your postures and subsequently reducing the load on your spine.

    Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a back support:

    -The belt is designed to provide a high level of support to the lower back particularly during activities such as lifting

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  • How Does High Visibility Clothing Work?

    High visibility clothing is another type of personal protective equipment that is usually yellow in colour and is highly reflective. You can purchase different high visibility clothing ranging from, vests, jackets, trousers etc. High visibility clothing is often considered paramount to many workers (for example those who work in the emergency services) or public persons in hazardous situations (for example cyclists out in the dark).

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    Ultimately the high visibility clothing works by making the person wearing the protective clothing more visible to potential hazards. The high visibility clothing is made up of fluorescent material and reflective tape that appears to glow when a light source hits it. This process is known as retro reflection, as the special silvered inks on the clothing reflect the light back to its source. Continue reading

  • Why Use Knee Pads?

    Some lines of work are physically demanding and as a result there can sometimes be a risk of damage to the body. Therefore certain equipment has been developed to promote the safety of the worker. Knee pads are just one example of the type of protective equipment that can be purchased.

    Wear and tear to the knee is becoming an injury that doctors are now witnessing more and more frequently. Statistics are showing that 60% of knee injuries are a result of wear and tear and could have been prevented by using protective equipment like knee pads.

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  • Choose High Visibility for Increased Safety

    The high visibility jacket has become a universal piece of clothing to promote an individual’s safety in a variety of scenarios where there is limited lighting and poor visibility where the individual might be at risk. Many work places provide their staff with a uniform that will include high visibility clothing so that they are providing a safer environment for their employees to work in. In some European countries the law demands that a high visibility jacket is kept in the car, with some European countries making it mandatory for cyclists to wear a high visibility vest when cycling in conditions associated with reduced visibility.

    The high visibility works as light rays that are shined on to the jackets are then sent back towards the original source of light with a minimum of scattering, through a process of retro reflection. The level of high visibility that is required is dependent upon the light conditions; when light conditions are poor then a greater level of high visibility is needed.

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  • Head into Safety: Equipment to be Worn to Protect You at Work

    According to “The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations of 1992” all employers must make sure  employees are supplied with personal protective equipment to ensure that their employees are safe at work. Taken directly from the AWB textiles website here are 3 pieces of equipment that can be used:

     The Bump Cap

    Lighter than the hard hat, the bump cap is a lightweight hat with a similar design to a baseball cap. To give workers that extra safety the bump cap has an internal bump guard to give protection where the worker is at risk from scraping or bumping one’s head. The cap also has an internal foam pad for comfort with a Velcro adjuster to the rear of the cap so it can be fitted to an individual’s head size. It is worth noting that although the bump cap is a useful piece of protective equipment, due to its fragile structures it will not provide protection to larger impacts.  Continue reading

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