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Scrub Suits

  • Five facts about nurse uniforms

    Five facts about nurse uniformsIn our new 'five facts' series, we've rounded up five facts about hospital nurse uniforms.

    Delve in to find out about the history of these uniforms and how they've evolved over the years, just as the nursing profession itself has changed and responded to different eras.

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  • Average day in the life of a nurse - Nursing infographic

    Nursing infographic heading: The average day in the life of a nurseHaving supplied nurse uniforms for many years, we're always up for nursing information that grabs our attention.

    We love this infographic, which shows how much hard graft a nurse puts in during an average day.

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  • Practicality of Scrubs

    Working in the medical industry there is no doubt that you are rushed off your feet. In this useful blog we highlight some of our favourite scrubs to make your working life that little bit easier. If you are in need of medical scrubs, hospital scrubs or theatre scrubs, then this recently updated blog is for you.

    Xtreme Stretch medical scrub topcDickies Xtreme Stretch range

    Xtreme Stretch offers some of the latest garment designs and fabrics when it comes to medical scrubs. The range looks extremely professional and stylish.

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  • Useful information when ordering medical scrubs and uniforms

    Xtreme Stretch dental top tunic shown on a modelHere at AWB Textiles, we endeavour to make the ordering process as simple for you as possible.

    We want you to be able to find what you want quickly and easily, while also feeling reassured that your order is going to arrive as and when you want it to.

    That's why we've recently worked hard on a number of initiatives across our business.

    Here's a quick rundown:

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  • From whites to blues – The history of medical scrubs

    AWB-hospital-clothing-brochure-1960sMedical clothing has come a long way in the last four decades, with iconic white uniforms being replaced by the now more familiar blue and green scrubs.

    While these friendly new uniforms have opened up the potential for personalised medical attire, their popularity is due more to their cleanliness than it is their fashion appeal.

    Here's a brief history of medical scrubs, tracing their origin from the early days of surgery to their status as the universal uniform for modern day medical professionals.

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  • 4 tips for matching your medical scrubs to your style

    In the past medical professionals have been limited in the way they could express their personality through the uniforms they wore to work.

    Scrubs suits and medical uniforms from AWB Textiles

    Early surgeons didn't have a problem, wearing their own clothes in the operating theatre, but as hygiene became more important the stricter requirements for what could be worn created the need for standardised and sterile workwear.

    Thankfully the industry has come a long way from plain white nurse uniforms, and a choice between blue or green scrubs tops and suits. Now there are a wide range of colours, styles, and personalisation options so you no longer have to blend in with the crowd.

    Here are four ideas for the next time you're buying scrubs.

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  • Advice For Buying Scrub Suits

    Almost all medical staff wear scrubs nowadays - from doctors and nurses to administrative personnel even.  Think about TV shows like Holby City and ER – they almost always wear scrubs.

    Scrub tops, a nursing essentialThe scrub suit is now a hallmark of the medical and healthcare industry, a uniform even. They make professionals easier to recognise, provide protection for staff and help to make them look more professional.

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  • The evolution of machine embroidered scrub suits and uniforms

    Some our medical scrub embroidery machinesEmbroidery - and in particular embroidered scrubs and medical clothing - has come a long way since traditional hand embroidery was first challenged by mechanical solutions in the mid-19th century.

    Although the earliest examples of hand-embroidered garments date back to 30,000 BC, it wasn't until 1828 that Josué Heilmann created a machine that could do the work of four people.

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  • The anatomy of the scrub suit

    Here at AWB Textiles we’ve witnessed the rise of the scrub suit to become the daily outfit of choice for healthcare workers – across nursing and medical professions and through to dental staff, vets and care home workers. They are often even worn by admin staff too.

    What is about the seemingly humble scrub clothing that makes it such a crucial outfit in today’s health and medical environments?

    The anatomy of the scrub suit - graphic showing five key featuresHere we break down the anatomy of the scrub suit to reveal what makes them so popular:

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  • Introducing Our Cherokee Uniforms

    At AWB Textiles we stock a number of top quality branded scrub uniforms. This week we bring you our favourites from the Cherokee collection.



    Our Cherokee collection offers a range of styles and colours. This versatile brand includes a Hip Pocket tunic, Mini Mock Wrap Top, Scrub Trousers 4100, Scrub Trousers 4200, Chest Pocket Tunic, Warm Up Jacket.

    The Cherokee Range is made from a hard wearing fabric meaning the scrub uniforms are durable and suitable for use in a variety of industries such as; hospitals, nursing homes, dentist practices, veterinary practices and so on. Continue reading

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