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  • Dickies scrubs

    Did you know, we are the sole UK distributor of Dickies scrubs? We introduced them in 2010 and they have quickly become established as a leading premium product in the dental and healthcare market.

    Why should I choose Dickies scrubs?

    Manufactured in a heavier weight 175gsm 65/35 poly/cotton it's a tougher, more durable garment than much of the competition.

    Made to withstand regular high temperature laundering to comply with the HTM-01-05 and CFPP-01-04 decontamination standards it's the ideal garment for the busy dental practice or healthcare facility. Continue reading

  • Scrubs! Evolution, not revolution

    Our Sales Manager, Steve Salt, has written several articles for Professional Dentistry over the years, so we've delved into the archives to bring you this fantastic article regarding the evolution of the scrub suit.

    How the humble scrub suit has evolved into practice uniform.

    scrub-suits-from-First-ChoiceSince the advent of modern surgery and advanced operating theatres following the First World War the basic outfit of the practising clinician beneath their surgeons gown has been the two piece scrub suit, basically a short sleeve shirt and a pair of pj trousers than were lightweight, capable of being boil washed and cheap. They came in only two colours, blue or green and only one design and for decades this was the norm, and although it was an ugly duckling, nobody was the slightest bit bothered about it, or so it seemed. Continue reading

  • Talking Scrub Suits at the AfPP Summer Residential Conference

    First-choice-scrub-suitThe 9th to the 12th of August saw our sales manager Steve Salt exhibit our scrub suit ranges to the members of the AfPP (Association of Perioperative Practice) at their Summer Residential Conference at the University of York.

    Over 400 delegates from the NHS and private sector hospitals met to network and take part in surgery related training lectures and courses given by some of the top people in their field.

    This is a great opportunity for us to display our excellent value for money scrub suit ranges from 1st Choice, Dickies and Cherokee to the actual users of product. Continue reading

  • 10% off Cherokee this August!

    To celebrate the start of the summer holidays we are giving you 10% off all stocked Cherokee clothing in August!

    cherokee-authentic-medical-wearDid you know that Cherokee work with a panel of nurses who give feedback on all their new products so they can ensure they are fit for purpose and meet the very specific needs of nurses and healthcare workers?

    When you’re on your feet and need to focus on caring for your patients you need to know your uniform is up to the job.

    Cherokee scrub suits, tunics and trousers offer comfort, durability, softness, stretch, moisture wicking and are easy care.

    Learn more about our Cherokee products and take advantage of our great August offer by clicking here! 

  • Five facts about nurse uniforms

    Five facts about nurse uniformsIn our new 'five facts' series, we've rounded up five facts about hospital nurse uniforms.

    Delve in to find out about the history of these uniforms and how they've evolved over the years, just as the nursing profession itself has changed and responded to different eras.

    Continue reading

  • Average day in the life of a nurse - Nursing infographic

    Nursing infographic heading: The average day in the life of a nurseHaving supplied nurse uniforms for many years, we're always up for nursing information that grabs our attention.

    We love this infographic, which shows how much hard graft a nurse puts in during an average day.

    Continue reading

  • Practicality of Scrubs

    Working in the medical industry there is no doubt that you are rushed off your feet. In this useful blog we highlight some of our favourite scrubs to make your working life that little bit easier. If you are in need of medical scrubs, hospital scrubs or theatre scrubs, then this recently updated blog is for you.

    Xtreme Stretch medical scrub topcDickies Xtreme Stretch range

    Xtreme Stretch offers some of the latest garment designs and fabrics when it comes to medical scrubs. The range looks extremely professional and stylish.

    Continue reading

  • Useful information when ordering medical scrubs and uniforms

    Xtreme Stretch dental top tunic shown on a modelHere at AWB Textiles, we endeavour to make the ordering process as simple for you as possible.

    We want you to be able to find what you want quickly and easily, while also feeling reassured that your order is going to arrive as and when you want it to.

    That's why we've recently worked hard on a number of initiatives across our business.

    Here's a quick rundown:

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  • From whites to blues – The history of medical scrubs

    AWB-hospital-clothing-brochure-1960sMedical clothing has come a long way in the last four decades, with iconic white uniforms being replaced by the now more familiar blue and green scrubs.

    While these friendly new uniforms have opened up the potential for personalised medical attire, their popularity is due more to their cleanliness than it is their fashion appeal.

    Here's a brief history of medical scrubs, tracing their origin from the early days of surgery to their status as the universal uniform for modern day medical professionals.

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  • 4 tips for matching your medical scrubs to your style

    In the past medical professionals have been limited in the way they could express their personality through the uniforms they wore to work.

    Scrubs suits and medical uniforms from AWB Textiles

    Early surgeons didn't have a problem, wearing their own clothes in the operating theatre, but as hygiene became more important the stricter requirements for what could be worn created the need for standardised and sterile workwear.

    Thankfully the industry has come a long way from plain white nurse uniforms, and a choice between blue or green scrubs tops and suits. Now there are a wide range of colours, styles, and personalisation options so you no longer have to blend in with the crowd.

    Here are four ideas for the next time you're buying scrubs.

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