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Health and Safety

  • Children’s Safety Waistcoat

    Are your children looking forward to helping you out in the Garden this Summer?

    blog3We have the perfect clothing garment that will not only make them feel the part but will also help keep them safe.

    Our Childrens Dickies Safety Waistcoat is only £3.60 and is available in the following sizes; 4-6yrs, 7-9yrs, 10-12yrs. The Velcro fastening allows the safety waistcoat to be put on with ease.

    Make sure your kids are kept visible to you so that you can help keep them out of mischief.

    View the Dickies Children’s Safety Waistcoat here

  • How Red Wine Can Damage Your Teeth

    Should dentists now be warning about the effects that alcohol including red wine can have on your oral health?

    Despite the generalised notion that a small amount of red wine on a daily basis can be good for your maintaining your overall health, there has been recent speculation that questions the effect that red wine could be having on more specifically your oral health.

    Generally alcoholic drinks are thought to be damaging to your teeth due to their high sugar content. This combined with alcohol’s acidity often causes the enamel of the teeth to slowly erode. Although red wines might not have such high sugar levels in comparison with carbonated drinks, red wine can still cause considerable damage to your teeth as the acidic characteristics of wine means that your teeth is not only stained but also eroded. Continue reading

  • How To Wash Your Hands Thoroughly To Prevent The Spread Of Germs

    Preventing the spread of germs is absolutely crucial at all times however even more important for those working in industries such as the medical, dentistry and veterinary. In these particular industries the risk of contamination / spread of infection is quite high. For this reason we have put together a helpful guide to how you can help reduce the spread of infection by thoroughly washing your hands. According to veterinary nurses online training there are 3 specific ways in which you can promote hand hygiene, these include;

    1. Plain hand washing
    This is often the most common hand washing
    practice that is undertaken by a lot of people. It is also the most
    basic process that combines both soap and water to remove any extra
    particles or bacteria from the skin. Although washing your hands in this
    way can remove the bacteria from the skin, it is not strong enough to
    kill the bacteria. Continue reading

  • Dickies Super Grip Gloves

    dickiessupergripglovesPerfect for protecting your hands and providing you with the extra grip when needed are Dickies Super Grip Gloves.

    Only available in one size, the polyester gloves have a latex palm and knitted glove construction. In order to promote the best superior grip, there is also latex on the palms and fingers of the glove.

    At a low price these Dickies gloves are the perfect safety accessory. Buy your Dickies Super Gloves here.

  • Health And Safety In The Workplace

    According to WHO (World Health Organisation) “occupational health should aim at: the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations.” Therefore, health and safety legalisation is extremely important within the work place; it ensures that the health and welfare of employees is maintained by providing a safe environment to work in. Health and safety procedures have to be employed in order to protect co-workers, family members and customers. Therefore organisations must ensure at all times that work being carried out on behalf of the company is safe.

    Health and safety legalisation can be beneficial for the employer for numerous reasons. If safe practices are employed then medical care, sick leave and other illness related costs can be reduced. Continue reading

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