Top UK healthcare blogs

When Vuelio launched a list of the top 10 UK healthcare blogs earlier in the summer, we were keen to take a look. In amongst the 10 there are some real gems.

From blogs about being a parent of a child with special needs, to allergy advice, and psychology news and discussion, there is a wealth of information available.

Here we've highlighted a few of the blogs that caught our eye.

  Talk Health, a leading healthcare blog

Talk Health Blog

Written by a highly knowledgeable network of bloggers, Talk Health offers advice on a wide range of health-related issues. It is penned from across different viewpoints - by medical professionals, parents and carers - and so maintains a fresh and vibrant feel.


Caron Cares, a blog for carers

Caron Cares - for carers

Written by a passionate carer, Caron, this blog is for anyone caring for someone elderly, or someone with dementia. It is a really informative and heartfelt blog, offering stacks of advice and information; while also taking on topical issues and offering opinion.


The Rural GP, a blog for GP medical professionals

Rural GP - for medical professionals aims to provide remote and rural GPs, trainees and nurses with useful information about the industry. It is a great idea that is presented really well, delivering a much-needed networking space and knowledge base for remote GPs.


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