Medical clogs have become a popular piece of footwear amongst professionals working in healthcare, particularly amongst nurses. For nurses completing extremely long shifts and spending a long time on their feet, the clog is perfect in terms of comfort and fit.

While the clog might sometimes be derided when it comes to fashion stakes, it is a popular choice for nurses working in busy medical and hospital environments.

The humble clog is a winner amongst nurses

It slips on and off easily, covers and protects the entire foot, and is comfortable on the foot (the absence of laces means that the clog doesn’t apply unnecessary pressure to the foot).

Anywear-medical-clog-from-AWB-TextilesChoosing the right medical clogs

Here at AWB we’ve worked hard to find a clog that we can stock, which will complement the range of medical uniforms we’ve been supplying to professionals for over 60 years. We wanted to find an extremely lightweight and comfortable option.

The Anywear Clog

The Anywear Clog (pictured above) is the one we’ve chosen. It offers moulded, removable cushioned insoles with vented channels for complete comfort. A swivelled back strap converts the clog from a sling back to a slide providing added versatility. It has a slip resistant sole delivering long-lasting durability on a variety of surfaces. It is also CE approved.

As medical clogs go, the Anywear Clog is the perfect choice if you’re on your feet all day and looking for comfortable footwear at work. It is ideal for doctors and nurses, even vets, dental professionals and care assistants – to name just a few!

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