Healthcare radiographer at work
Photograph: Alicia Canter for the Guardian

What motivates and defines the people underneath healthcare clothing has always fascinated us.

These inspirational, dedicated and compassionate people have amazing stories to tell.

That’s why we’re compiling stories from across the web: The people underneath healthcare clothing.

Read how one person was inspired to become a radiographer.

The people underneath healthcare clothing. Meet this radiographer

As a child and during her teenage years, Rachel Picton broke a grand total of seven bones. The various visits to radiography units inspired her to become a radiographer. Writing for the Guardian Healthcare Network’s Blood, Sweat and Tears Series, Rachel tells how she found the whole experience of being x-rayed fascinating.

“Together the wider healthcare team of nurses, doctors, plaster technicians, surgeons and physiotherapists played a role in putting me back together over the years but it was the “other ones” who stuck in my mind,” she says. “My new found knowledge and appreciation of these diagnostic radiographers played a pivotal part in my subsequent career choice.”

However, her school career adviser suggested think about something else, giving Rachel an “inane grin” when she suggested she’d like to become a radiographer. But Rachel persevered and has now spent “many hours in operating theatres, on wards and in the emergency suite dealing with major traumas.”

She concludes: “The human body is incredible and to take a peek inside is a privilege.” As an example of someone underneath the humble healthcare uniform, she’s an inspiration.

Did you know?

In 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen first researched mysterious ‘x-rays’, soon after he conducted the first x-ray on this wife’s hand.

Digital radiography is a new form of x-ray, whereby digital x-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film. Benefits include better detectors, faster processing, and more powerful and sharper displays.

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