We have recently updated our product offering across our website, including ‘non-stock’ Cherokee scrubs.

What does ‘non-stock’ mean?

Due to the vast amount of products we offer, we don’t have the capacity to keep all items in stock in our Bude warehouse. Therefore we offer a number of the Cherokee Scubs as ‘non-stock’ which means they are ordered and delivered straight from Cherokee in the USA to our customers which can take up to 28 days, although at the moment this is running at an average of 21 days.

Why should I choose Cherokee Scrubs?

Cherokee has been known for comfort and fashion since 1972 and is a favourite of healthcare workers everywhere. They combine style and personality with functionality to allow you to your job in comfort. 

Why should I choose ‘non-stock’ scrubs?

The ‘non-stock’ option allows us to offer a much larger range of product styles, sizes and colour options for Cherokee Scrubs, which means our customers have more freedom to match their uniforms to their brand, differentiate themselves from traditional-looking scrub uniforms or allow different departments to be differentiated by their uniform colour. It also allows petite and tall customers to have appropriate and comfortable uniforms that fit.

Take a sneak peek at some of the non-stock items below or click here to visit our website to view the full range of Cherokee scrubs: