Detail of sleeve on the Galaxy healthcare tunic in lilac

Easter is here, with all the tradition and fun that comes with this time of year. Traditional Easter colours are everywhere, consisting of pale pastels, as well as strong golds and purples.

To celebrate Easter, we’ve delved into our range of healthcare tunics to find an Easter-inspired colour for you.

Our pick is the lilac healthcare tunic from the Galaxy range. Explore in more detail below.

Lilac healthcare tunic by Galaxy, from AWB Textiles

Easter-inspired lilac-coloured healthcare tunic by Galaxy

The lilac healthcare tunic is one of the colours in our latest range from Galaxy. It is made from a hard wearing poly/cotton fabric.

With 2 hip pockets and 2 chest pockets, and a zip for fastening, the lilac tunic is ideal for healthcare workers such as nursing assistants that tend to wear lilac when at work.

According to a handy uniform colour guide by the NHS University Hospitals of North Midlands, nursing assistants will wear lilac uniforms. Such assistants are crucial to the way a hospital functions, as they will work with a broad range of other healthcare staff, such as  nurses and midwives and other healthcare professionals, helping with care and looking after patients’ comfort and well-being.

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