Medical scrubs replaced the traditional nurses uniforms in the 1960s, as an easy to clean and cheap to replace alternative. Since this introduction, their popularity has grown and they are no longer just seen as a medical uniform, but used by a wide variety of employers. Whilst they are now available in a range of colours and styles they can sometimes seem very plain, but embroidered scrubs can help you to stand out and to build and enhance your brand awareness.

We have been a leading supplier of medical uniforms for over 60 years and within that time we have experienced many innovations in embroidery. With the introduction of digital embroidery machines, it is possible to create any logo, symbol or design. Our machines allow us to produce designs up to 10cm x 4cm with a number of fonts and colours available. We can create logos and add names and additional text to help identify employees and their roles within your business.

Four-head embroidery machine

We have two four-headed embroidery machines and 1 single head machine. We can, therefore, embroider 9 garments at one time across all of our machines. We use the four-headed machines for large orders and the singe headed machine for small, individual orders of 1 – 2 items.

It takes on average 10 minutes to embroider a garment. A simple, small design might take 5 minutes and a larger, heavily detailed design can take up to 20 minutes. Our machines are working full time as the majority of our orders now require embroidery, that takes us into 10’s of thousands of embroidered scrubs that leave our busy warehouse each year!

If you have any questions about our embroidery service or our range of products please contact us.

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