We're proud to sponsor the Bude Sea Pool

Here at AWB we recently renewed our sponsorship of the Bude Sea Pool for 2018. So, we’ve updated this blog (with the new Friends of Bude Sea Pool logo opposite) and have decided to re-share a bit about this wonderful community resource and hub.

Built in the 1930s to provide a safe swimming environment for local people, Bude Sea Pool is a semi-natural pool, measuring 91m long by 45m wide.

Created under the curve of the cliffs in a conservation area, the pool has provided a haven for free and safe bathing and other water-based activities since the 1930s.

With the Atlantic Ocean lapping, and more often crashing along Bude’s seafront, the pool provides a unique experience. You get a feeling of being in or on the sea, close to the ferocity of the ocean, but sheltered from its extreme effects.

Funding Bude Sea Pool

When all public funding for the pool was withdrawn in 2010, The Friends of Bude Sea Pool fought to keep the pool open for the season, then taking on its management in 2012.

The Friends work as a local charity, aiming to preserve, improve and enhance Bude Sea Pool as a free amenity. The charity continues to make made much-needed repairs and invests in new facilities to secure the pool for the local community and future generations, as well as the thousands of people who visit the town every year.

The charity’s work has been a huge success. Despite costing over £40,000 per year to keep open and safe, access to Bude Sea Pool is unrestricted and free of any admission charge. With almost 60,000 people visiting Bude Sea Pool every year, the charity has managed to keep the pool truly open and accessible to all.

We’re a proud Friend of Bude Sea Pool

As a Friend we feel we’re doing our bit to support the pool and ensure the future of this unique facility.

Our workwear and healthcare clothing business has a long history in and around the town, so we were keen to help keep the pool as a focal point for the coastline. It is a fantastic facility, nowadays used for much more than swimming. If you visit the pool on any given day, chances are you’ll see endurance trainers, triathletes, kayakers, surf training and lifesaving, beach hut enthusiasts and sunbathers all making the most of this unique amenity.

Further info

You can become a Friend of Bude Sea Pool, too. Simply visit the pool’s membership page

Or, to find out more, visit www.budeseapool.org

For workwear, you can also visit our local shop in Bude. Find us on Google Maps

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