Five facts about UK care home uniforms

In the latest post in our new ‘five facts’ series, we’ve rounded up some facts about UK care home uniforms.

Delve in to find out more. In this blog we cover why uniforms in care homes are so important, the debate about surrounding whether to wear them or not, and what’s available in the UK today.


1. Makes it easier to identify care staff

With care home uniforms available in a huge range of colours, care home residents and visitors feel that this makes it easier to identify each carer’s specialism (such as a dementia specialist) and/or their level of seniority (such senior care assistants).

2. Encourages a sense of identity

Care uniforms also foster a sense of identity amongst care home works – that they have a very specific and highly-responsible role to play in both homes and society in general. This sense of identity and belonging seems to be very important to carers.

3. Some debate in the UK

In the UK, care establishments have and still debate the relative the merits of wearing or not wearing a care home uniform.’s 2013 survey found that over half of those questioned in the poll thought staff working in care homes should wear a uniform. The results showed that some 57% of more than 1,000 people surveyed were in favour of the idea, with 34% against and around 8% saying maybe.

4. Our best care uniform is the Dickies wrap top

Easily our bestselling care home uniform is the Dickies Ladies wrap top.

It is ideally suited to a care setting as it comes with a contrasting trim colour giving it a stylish look at work, but yet still hard wearing and comfortable. It also features two patch pockets, side vents and tie back for extra comfort, and a flattering fit with tie at back to give added shape.

5. Xtreme Stretch is rising in popularity

The entire Dickies Xtreme Stretch range looks very professional and stylish. But its v-neck top is a particularly good-looking garment. It is made from Poly, Rayon, Spandex Twill Fabric forming a soft material that promotes ease of movement in busy nursing and care environments. The entire range is proving very popular. Shop the full range of the Xtreme Stretch products.

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