The 1st of April saw Simon Stevens step into his role as new Chief Executive of NHS Healthcare in England. With promises to “chart a successful future for our healthcare service” Simon has received a warm welcome by many who have recognised the need for new ideas and fresh energy.

Also expressed a need to focus on how care is delivered outside of hospitals. Existing structure is under extreme pressure and scrutiny. Therefore there is a desperate need to rethink and possibly even abandon the old and what now seems outdated separation between GP’s, community nurses, A and E’s etc.

This need for perhaps a new and fresh integration has been stressed as particularly important for more vulnerable groups such as elderly patients with high needs who will ultimately benefit from perhaps a more integrated health and social care system.

What is being termed as a new sustainable approach to healthcare in England will see its first stages of implementation by which existing initiatives will be built upon. This will involve the introduction and enrolment of new practices and  models to be carried out in order to progress towards what Simon Stevens in a recent article termed a more “sustainable and future proofed local health care system.”