Numbered features of a great shoe for healthcare professioanls

In our latest blog, we’ve broken down the features that make a great shoe for healthcare professionals.

Explore more in our blog – where we’ve numbered each feature for handy reference.

The shoe we’ve featured is the Anywear Medical Clog.

What makes a great shoe for healthcare professionals?

1. Protects entire foot

The pictured Anywear Medical Clog covers and protects the entire foot, giving both comfort while being really easy to slip on and off.

2. Versatile backstrap

A backstrap that flexes to your needs is a must. As pictured, the swivelled back strap converts the clog from a sling back to a slide providing versatility.

3. No laces

The absence of laces means that the pictured medical clog doesn’t apply unnecessary pressure to the foot. This means extra comfort over long hours on your feet.

4. Slip resistant

A slip resistant sole delivers long-lasting durability on a variety of surfaces. The Anywear Clog also offers moulded, removable cushioned insoles with vented channels for complete comfort.

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