Here at AWB we have put together a selection of products that will keep you warm this winter from top to toe.


The Dickies trapper hat designed to cover the head and neck will provide you with optimum warmth. Its warm fleecy, fur lined design retains maximum warmth and provides superior warmth to your standard beanie. The fashionable design has adjustable ear warmers so you can adjust your hat to suit you. 


Our stylish contrast stitching base layer, long sleeve vest will keep your body toasty.

The base layer vest will moderate your body’s temperature by acting as an extra layer of skin. The base layer should be worn against your skin and is made out of breathable material that either allows sweat to evaporate through the material to keep you cool or alternatively keep you warm by trapping air between each layer. The base layer has been recommended to be particularly useful for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and running. Base layers have also been described as beneficial to reduce both muscular strain and fatigue ultimately reducing your recovery period after physical activity.

Top Tip- Carry a base layer around with you, they are small and compact and can be very handy in adding that extra bit of warmth just when you need it.


Our special twisted yarn of acrylic cotton will be sure to keep your feet warm this winter. Their soft material proves for very comfortable wear whilst providing that insulating layer of warmth. Not only will they keep your feet warm they will also keep your feet happy as they promote healthy hygienic feet that are kept soft and dry.

Top Tip – Thermo Socks make great Christmas stocking filler presents.

Invest in these AWB items and keep yourself warm when you are outside this winter.