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  • Amazing healthcare stories: the story behind this radiographer

    Healthcare radiographer at work Photograph: Alicia Canter for the Guardian

    What motivates and defines the people underneath healthcare clothing has always fascinated us.

    These inspirational, dedicated and compassionate people have amazing stories to tell.

    That’s why we’re compiling stories from across the web: The people underneath healthcare clothing.

    Read how one person was inspired to become a radiographer.

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  • Why this medical scrub comes out on top


    Medical scrubs from AWB TextilesWe're often asked for our top picks.

    So, we thought we'd start by looking across our medical scrubs to choose our best buy in amongst the amazing items we stock.

    Coming out on top is the Cherokee 4777 medical scrub with a chest pocket.

    Find out more in our blog.

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  • Top UK healthcare blogs

    When Vuelio launched a list of the top 10 UK healthcare blogs earlier in the summer, we were keen to take a look. In amongst the 10 there are some real gems.

    From blogs about being a parent of a child with special needs, to allergy advice, and psychology news and discussion, there is a wealth of information available.

    Here we've highlighted a few of the blogs that caught our eye.

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  • It's great when medical teams give us such positive feedback

    It's always great when we get such positive feedback from medical teams across the UK. But the team at the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in Glasgow have excelled themselves!

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  • Digital healthcare age infographic

    Infographic describing the digital healthcare ageWe're always on the lookout for great infographics. And this one about the digital healthcare age - the internet of (medical) things technology - caught our eye.

    The healthcare profession we supply is at the forefront of such new technology, which makes us feel even prouder to support them. It's certainly an amazing age, full of fascinating new developments.

    Take a look at the below infographic and let us know what you think.

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  • Five facts about UK dental uniforms

    Five facts about UK dental uniforms by AWB TextilesIn another post in our new 'five facts' series, we've rounded up some facts about UK dental uniforms.

    Delve in to our latest blog post to find out more.

    In the blog we cover why dental uniforms are so important, how the dentistry industry has been quick to adopt modern fabrics and styles, and what's available in the UK today.

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  • The features that make a great shoe for healthcare professionals

    Numbered features of a great shoe for healthcare professioanlsIn our latest blog, we've broken down the features that make a great shoe for healthcare professionals.

    Explore more in our blog - where we've numbered each feature for handy reference.

    The shoe we've featured is the Anywear Medical Clog.

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  • Five facts about UK care home uniforms

    Five facts about UK care home uniformsIn the latest post in our new 'five facts' series, we've rounded up some facts about UK care home uniforms.

    Delve in to find out more. In this blog we cover why uniforms in care homes are so important, the debate about surrounding whether to wear them or not, and what's available in the UK today.

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  • Scrub up for the summer with these Cherokee specials!

    While the mini heatwave happens across the UK, we thought we would let you know about some Cherokee specials. Both v-neck, in a short-sleeve style suitable for hotter days, we now have two new Cherokee scrub tops available by special order.

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  • Find your next medical outfit

    If you’re looking for a new medical uniform and scrubs, we’ve pulled together some ideas for your next medical outfit.

    What we’ve suggested below are complementary tops and trousers specifically for healthcare workers – from surgeons and nurses, to dental staff, care home workers and even vets.

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