In the past medical professionals have been limited in the way they could express their personality through the uniforms they wore to work.

Scrubs suits and medical uniforms from AWB Textiles

Early surgeons didn’t have a problem, wearing their own clothes in the operating theatre, but as hygiene became more important the stricter requirements for what could be worn created the need for standardised and sterile workwear.

Thankfully the industry has come a long way from plain white nurse uniforms, and a choice between blue or green scrubs tops and suits. Now there are a wide range of colours, styles, and personalisation options so you no longer have to blend in with the crowd.

Here are four ideas for the next time you’re buying scrubs.

1. Think colourful when it comes to medical scrubs

Even something as simple as a colour can say a lot about a person. Blue and green may be good for promoting calmness but red might suggest you’re a passionate person, while pink can bring some femininity to your uniform. You could even mix and match your tops and bottoms to create a unique look.

 2. Get creative with embroidery

Whether you want to add a company logo, a name, or a design of your choosing, embroidery is a great way to personalise your scrubs. Covering an area of 10x4cm, with a possible five lines of text and a wide range of colours, an embroidered design can really help you to stand out while doing your rounds.

3. Choose your own scrubs style

Scrubs no longer come in just one style, and there are plenty of options for finding a top to suit you. Whether you go for a classic cut or a mock wrap look, a hip pocket or a chest pocket, with a bit of shopping around you’ll be able to find something that you’ll feel confident and comfortable working in. There are also maternity tunics for pregnant women and warm up jackets for when you feel a bit chilly on the ward.

Have fun with printed scrub tops

Printed scrubs are a great option for those looking for something more informal – especially if they’re working with children. Funky prints or popular brands are great ways to put patients at their ease and create a friendly and approachable style for yourself.

By keeping these four key points in mind when buying scrubs you can be sure to find a uniform that feels like your own and which will make your patients feel like they know you a bit better.

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