There are increasing cases of our oral health being affected by dental issues such as plaque, gingivitis, bleeding and tooth decay. Dentists seem to be fighting an impossible battle of eradicating these very common dental problems. Despite this, recently there has been research that suggests by using fluoride toothpaste that has the low toxic antibacterial agent triclosan your oral health can be improved and in some cases the oral health issues mentioned above can be reduced.

The Health Behaviour News Service, part of the Center for Advancing Health suggests that in order for the triclosan agent to be successful it needs to be combined with a copolymer which will prevent saliva from washing away the triclosan ingredient.

This evidence came to light after a review of 30 published studies about toothpastes containing triclosan and copolymer was carried about a group of researchers from Cochrane Oral Health Group. Their findings presented the following results in instances where triclosan and copolymer were combined, in comparison with results of toothpaste with just fluoride as an agent alone:

  • 22 % reduction in plaque
  • 22 % reduction in gingivitis
  • 48 % reduction in bleeding gums
  • 5 % reduction in tooth decay

This study that was carried out by researches from Cochrane Oral Health Group and predominantly focused on Colgate toothpaste with the triclosan agents. Therefore, there is room for development and further study and research into different ranges of antibacterial toothpastes.

Image Courtesy of William Warby  CC