The high visibility jacket has become a universal piece of clothing to promote an individual’s safety in a variety of scenarios where there is limited lighting and poor visibility where the individual might be at risk. Many work places provide their staff with a uniform that will include high visibility clothing so that they are providing a safer environment for their employees to work in. In some European countries the law demands that a high visibility jacket is kept in the car, with some European countries making it mandatory for cyclists to wear a high visibility vest when cycling in conditions associated with reduced visibility.

The high visibility works as light rays that are shined on to the jackets are then sent back towards the original source of light with a minimum of scattering, through a process of retro reflection. The level of high visibility that is required is dependent upon the light conditions; when light conditions are poor then a greater level of high visibility is needed.

A non-profit has developed in the form of the International High Visibility Clothing Association (IHVCA) – they research and promote the safety benefits of high visibility clothing to promote a greater level of safety for those who use high visibility products. You can read more about the Association on their website here:

In addition to jackets, a range of other high visibility products have been developed to suit every individual and simultaneously meet the demands of their work. Some of the other products available include; safety waistcoat, trousers and polo shirt. You can also buy sash strips of high visibility material to wear over your work clothing, for added safety

If your job or any of your hobbies involve working in low light levels, or in area of high-risk (such as road sides or on construction sites) you would be wise to investigate the best safety clothing you can get for maximum protection and visibility – you’ll find there’s an extensive range and you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety.