HMRC’s tax rebate on uniforms gets a thumbs up from us and is great news for healthcare employees – who are able to claim a tax rebate if they buy their own care and medical uniforms.

A thumbs up for HMRC's tax rebate on healthcare uniforms

The official HMRC rebate is available if you wear a uniform at work, and have to wash, repair or replace it yourself.

This applies across the healthcare sector, whether you’re a nurse, care worker or nursing home employee for example.

So don’t be one of the thousands of workers in the healthcare sector who miss out every year because they have failed to claim the tax relief they are entitled to.

According to HMRC, you can either claim at tax rebate on healthcare uniforms:

Useful links

To help you to make a claim, there is some excellent information available on the web.

A great place to start is HMRC’s guide to tax relief for employees in relation to uniforms and work clothing.

We also found a useful FAQs section from

TV’s The Money Saving Expert also provides the following advice how you need to qualify to be able to claim tax relief. According to their article, ALL of the following must apply:

  • You wear a recognisable uniform that shows you’ve got a certain job, like a branded T-shirt, nurse or police uniform.
  • Your employer requires you to wear it while you’re working.
  • You have to purchase, clean, repair or replace it yourself. However, you can’t claim if your employer washes your kit, provides facilities to do so (even if you don’t use them) or pays you for doing this maintenance.
  • You paid income tax in the year you are claiming for.

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