You probably tell your patients that they should have a dental check-up approximately every 6 months and at the minimum once every year. However despite this advice many dentists are still witnessing an increase in the number of patients that are skipping their appointments.

You might have noticed a gender divide in those visiting your dental surgery as research according to a survey by the dental people suggests that 49% of women compared to 43% of men were more likely to attend the dentist regularly. Despite this there is still an astonishing 5 million people in the UK who have failed to attend the dentist in the last 10 years.

Even though as the old saying goes prevention is better than cure, it is argued that the fall in dental attendance can be partly attributed to the recent recession. In addition to this is it thought that those people who have a bad experience at the dentist are less likely to return for further treatment.

However, in spite of this private dentists are beginning to see an increase as people are beginning to seek more aesthetic dental treatment such as tooth whitening, veneers, crowns and white fillings etc.

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Research from recent survey by the Dental People