According to WHO (World Health Organisation) “occupational health should aim at: the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations.” Therefore, health and safety legalisation is extremely important within the work place; it ensures that the health and welfare of employees is maintained by providing a safe environment to work in. Health and safety procedures have to be employed in order to protect co-workers, family members and customers. Therefore organisations must ensure at all times that work being carried out on behalf of the company is safe.

Health and safety legalisation can be beneficial for the employer for numerous reasons. If safe practices are employed then medical care, sick leave and other illness related costs can be reduced.If health and safety procedures are not carried out and an employee or customer is injured then the employer / company could face prosecution for negligence and occupiers liability. Therefore by having health and safety legalisation in place the employer can reduce the risk of having to spend money on illness or accidents.

Different types of employment will have different health and safety demands therefore it is important that you find the legalisation that is specific to your type of industry. Some health and safety legalisation might require employee’s to wear personal protective equipment to optimise their safety. Here at AWB we have a range of safety products that promote your workers safety. For our full range of protective equipment please click here

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