High visibility clothing is another type of personal protective equipment that is usually yellow in colour and is highly reflective. You can purchase different high visibility clothing ranging from, vests, jackets, trousers etc. High visibility clothing is often considered paramount to many workers (for example those who work in the emergency services) or public persons in hazardous situations (for example cyclists out in the dark).

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Ultimately the high visibility clothing works by making the person wearing the protective clothing more visible to potential hazards. The high visibility clothing is made up of fluorescent material and reflective tape that appears to glow when a light source hits it. This process is known as retro reflection, as the special silvered inks on the clothing reflect the light back to its source.

Although it is capable of producing a light glow during daylight it is more much effective during darker conditions or at night when a light source hits it, for example when a cars head light bounces off the clothing the person wearing the clothing becomes much more visible. As the light is only produced when a direct light source hits it, reflective clothing is not distractive it is simply defining.

Interestingly the majority of reflective clothing tends to be yellow; however orange, red, pink and green are just some other colours that are sometimes used.