In the past waterproof clothing was uncomfortable and heavy, however developments in the technology of waterproof clothing has now positioned it as a must have item that should be included in everybody’s wardrobe. The design of waterproof clothing now allows perspiration to escape from the skin whilst simultaneously preventing rainwater from getting to your skin. This is completed by a process of thermodynamics by which one layer of material repels water whilst the other absorbs humidity produced from the skin.

There are varying levels of breathability within different water proof items therefore you will most likely have to select a piece of clothing that is suitable for the activity in which you wish to undertake. For example if you are going to be undertaking activities like mountain or hill climbing you are more likely to want a highly breathable waterproof clothing item. Whereas, if you were carrying out gentle day to day walking activities then the breathability of the clothing item would not have to be as high.

AWB Textiles has a collection of waterproof clothing including a range from Dickies. The Dickies Vermont Waterproof suit is a popular piece of waterproof clothing. It has jet pockets, mesh buggy lining with an adjustable tail hem and full elasticated waist.

The Dickies waterproof suit can be bought here 

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