Should dentists now be warning about the effects that alcohol including red wine can have on your oral health?

Despite the generalised notion that a small amount of red wine on a daily basis can be good for your maintaining your overall health, there has been recent speculation that questions the effect that red wine could be having on more specifically your oral health.

Generally alcoholic drinks are thought to be damaging to your teeth due to their high sugar content. This combined with alcohol’s acidity often causes the enamel of the teeth to slowly erode. Although red wines might not have such high sugar levels in comparison with carbonated drinks, red wine can still cause considerable damage to your teeth as the acidic characteristics of wine means that your teeth is not only stained but also eroded.

Sadly many people are unaware of the damaging effects that alcohol can have on their teeth, therefore it is becoming important that dentists are informing their patients of these risks and the importance of cleaning teeth thoroughly after consuming such drinks.