Medical uniforms are available from AWB Textiles in the UK

It is vitally important that medical uniforms are not only worn in health and care settings, but that clothing is appropriately washed and decontaminated.

In this blog we look at their importance, provide some background, and consider the issues and why uniforms are so important in a UK context in particular.

Originally published in December 2016, this blog has been updated to include a new section on nursing shoes.

Medical uniforms UK – some background

With MRSA-related deaths always a risk, it is a top priority for medical professionals to maintain extremely high standards of infection control. Medical uniforms offer a clear boundary between work wear and out of work wear, drawing a line between ‘everyday’ and ‘medical’ environments. When a uniform is put on, it signifies to everyone that hygiene and prevention are front of mind. This will offer reassurance to other professionals and patients alike.

In the UK, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) offer clear guidance on uniforms and work wear. While the RCN acknowledge that there has been much debate about the role of uniforms, they say “uniforms give nurses a recognisable identity that helps to promote public trust and confidence”. In particular, the RCN identify infection prevention and control as key issues, which “reinforces the need to ensure all clothing worn by staff wherever care is provided is fit for purpose and able to withstand laundering.”

Legal frameworks exist to ensure prevention and control are paramount. Most (if not all) health and care organisations will have also implemented clear policies in recent years.

What should you do?

It is safe to say that you should wear uniforms and work wear in line with UK legislation and the policies of your healthcare employer.

Here at AWB Textiles, we exist to provide medical professionals with uniforms that adhere to requirements, such as uniforms that can withstand good laundering and offering only the best fabrics for health and care settings. That’s what we do, and we’re always more than happy to help you choose what’s best for you and/or your organisation.

The importance of nursing shoes

Having been helping medical professionals with uniforms for over 60 years, we answered the call to stock appropriate nursing shoes show that would complement our range of clothing.

We’ve worked hard to find a clog that we can stock. We wanted to find an extremely lightweight and comfortable option. We feel we have achieved this with the Anywear Medical Clog, which is a great shoe for doctors and nurses as it slips on and off easily, covers and protects the entire foot, and is extremely comfortable (the absence of laces means that the clog doesn’t apply unnecessary pressure to the foot). All of which is vitally important to people on their feet for extended periods when working long shifts.

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