For over 60 years now we’ve been putting dental clothing innovation into practice as a modern supplier of uniforms and scrub suits to our ever increasing dental customers across the UK. Here’s how and why:

Xtreme Stretch dental top tunic shown on a model

1. Dentistry has changed over the years

For many of us, a visit to the dentist as a child was a mildly harrowing experience! The visit could often be a bit scary, within an austere surgery where stood a dentist in a stark, starched white tunic. Yikes!

But how things have changed for the better in recent years.

There’s certainly been a quantum leap in dental uniform styles and fabrics, making the clinician a friendlier, personable and more approachable figure.

Independent dental practices are also acutely aware of the importance of their brand and how they come across to existing and potential patients. Dental uniforms in particular can set the tone for a practice and its people, helping to communicate your brand in person for all to see. You can even embroider logos and staff names onto your uniforms.

2. New fabrics have emerged that mean you can dress to drill!

At the forefront are new innovative fabrics such as the Xtreme Stretch range from Dickies. What Dickies are now using in their healthcare clothing is a new type of fabric composed of polyester, rayon and spandex that stretches four ways to allow the wearer maximum comfort at work.

The fabric has also been specially developed to be comfortable to wear, easy to wash and dry with minimal ironing. It also comes in a range of modern colours, so it looks pretty good too!

3. Meeting expectations of patients

It is certainly true that patients now have higher expectations about how health practitioners should look and be dressed. We can all thank shows like ER and Casualty for that!

However, professionals are also looking beyond traditional cuts, styles and colours too. Here at AWB we find that it is dental practitioners in particular who are now looking to put clothing innovation into practice in their practices.

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This blog entry was originally posted on 20 October 2015.