A new NHS scheme has been rolled out to install defibrillators at Scottish Dentists in order to treat individuals who go into cardiac arrest. The Defibrillators will attempt to shock the heart in order to restore its natural rhythm.

It will promote better survival chances for not just dental patients at the practice but also those in the wider community. This proposal to insert defibrillators has come as The Public Health Minister has recognised the importance of giving the public better access to these medical appliances that can be the difference between life and death.

There are a large number of dental practices located within Scotland therefore the possibility of saving a greater number of lives becomes very realistic. The 999 call centre will be aware of the location of each of these defibrillators so that they are able to guide people to the nearest place in which a defibrillator is located. It is hoped that by installing these defibrillators the survival rate of those that go into cardiac arrest will be increased.

With great support behind this new initiative you can expect to see defibrillators installed into Dental Practices from August onwards as a budget of £1-million has been assigned.

Image Courtesy of Lydia  CC