When Emma Thorndyke approached us with a request for help, we were delighted to provide her with surgical scrubs for her charitable trip to the Philippines. 

A 4th year dental student at University of Leeds, Emma visited the Philippines in July for 5 weeks to provide free dental treatment to the Filipino community.


The high sugar diet in the Philippines leads to Filipino people suffering lots of dental problems. However, many cannot afford dental treatment, even if they are in so much pain that they wish to have a tooth removed.

So Emma (pictured below) set off to help, to provide people with free treatment that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to receive.

Our surgical scrubs used to support community dental work

She was also involved in educating young children in schools on how to improve their oral health, with the aim of reducing the need to see the dentist.

As equipment for treating patients is very limited, Emma took provisions with her, along with personal protective equipment.

We were delighted to provide surgical scrubs to help her along the way.