Here at AWB Textiles we’ve witnessed the rise of the scrub suit to become the daily outfit of choice for healthcare workers – across nursing and medical professions and through to dental staff, vets and care home workers. They are often even worn by admin staff too.

What is about the seemingly humble scrub clothing that makes it such a crucial outfit in today’s health and medical environments?

The anatomy of the scrub suit - graphic showing five key features

Here we break down the anatomy of the scrub suit to reveal what makes them so popular:

1. They’re easy to put on and take off

For doctors and nurses encountering blood and all sorts of fluids having a scrub suit (top and bottoms) that can be easily changed is essential. Changing out of scrubs is easy, so professionals are able to stay looking clean and presentable.

2. Highly functional

Scrubs come with pockets, so you can keep a phone on you if you need to. Breast pockets also allow for pens and pencils.

3. Functional but not at the expense of form!

Although highly functional newer scrubs have also been designed with form in mind – with Xtreme Stretch now offering a slimmer more styled fit.

4. Super easy to clean

Being easy to clean means that scrubs have become the outfit of choice for medical and healthcare professionals. New fabrics have only made cleaning easier too, plus stronger weaves in fabrics help to better prevent tearing and cutting.

5. Many colours available

We offer scrub suits in a huge range of colours, depending on your preference and/or role where you work. We have masculine and feminine colours, patterns and a spectrum of different hues to choose from.

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