Scrub suits are a particularly versatile uniform that can be worn across a variety of professional industries. Within this blog entry we suggest a different scrub suit / item for each of the industries in which scrub suits are often worn.


Cherokee 4700/4200 Scrub Suit

cherokee4700 4200

Available in 19 colours. Buy online here 


Cherokee 4700/4100

cherokee 4700 4100

Available in 19 colours. Buy online here


X treme Stretch Mock Wrap Top


Available in 8 colours. Buy online here

X treme Stretch Elastic Waist Pant

xtreme stretch elastic waist pant

Available in 8 colours buy online here

Care home uniforms

Dickies Mock Wrap Top with Boot Cut Trouser Scrub Suit

dickies mock wrap top with boot cut trousers

Available in 11 colours, buy online here 

Beauty and Therapy Uniforms

Pastelli Womens Lazise Jacket

pastelli lazise jacket

Available in 18 colours, buy online here