Our top three festive coloured medical scrubs

If you’re looking for Christmas healthcare clothing, here’s a rundown our of our top three festive coloured medical scrubs.

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‘Christmas tree’ green

There’s nothing more Christmassy than a traditional tree. Similarly, our scrubs come in one of the most popular colours for healthcare environments: medical green. The colour is often favoured by doctors, although colour-coded rules can differ across institutions.

‘Crisp snow’ white

Another popular outfit, often worn in clinical environments to signify absolute cleanliness. We find that our white scrubs are more often used within dental environments in particular.

‘Santa’ red

The colour of Christmas’s lead character – Santa himself! Red medical scrubs will liven any healthcare environment during the festive holiday. Wear with joy!

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The Cherokee medical scrub tunic is available in all of the above colour-ways.

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