This post first appeared on our website in June 2014. It’s now January 2016 and we’re currently preparing to attend the Professional Dentistry Conference at London Olympia (taking place between Friday 29 and Saturday 30 January). So we thought the blog could be updated.

The 2015 Professional Dentistry event at London Olympia

While we still present a selection of top tips that will help aspiring young dentists – ones that will ensure that you stand the best chance of success in dentistry from your dental study through to your dental career – we want to focus on the importance of networking events such as #ProDentistry.

A short film about the 2015 #ProDentistry event is included here:

The importance of networking at events like #ProDentistry

The event is one of the most exciting in the UK dentistry calendar. Attracting over 1,500 professionals, it offers significant networking opportunities for aspiring dentists entering the dental sector.

Networking is certainly a great way to build those working relationship. By attending upcoming industry related events you will be able to start talking to those within the profession. You never know what interesting and useful connections you might make.

Define your goals

Start with some of the following questions: how/where do you want to practice? Do you aspire to purchasing a small practice? Do you want to build towards a larger practice, or a group of practices? Do you want to take on an associateship, join a group practice, teach, do hospital dentistry, etc.? Perhaps a combination?

Career plan

Try and determine which career path you want to take within the dental industry as early as possible. Plot out your path. This will help you decipher what qualifications and what certifications you will need to study for.

Extra study

It is obviously important that you pass your fundamental exams, however it would be extremely beneficial for you to put in some additional hours and carry out some extra study so you have as much knowledge as possible.

Get experience

This is just as important as getting your dental qualifications. No lecture or dental course will prepare you for dentistry as much as first-hand experience. Once you have decided your chosen dental career route, apply to get as much experience as possible.

Dental practice advice

When you finally land your dream job in the dental profession remember it is extremely important that you get to know your patient well so that you can identify any changes over the duration in which you will see them. Make sure you are continually and routinely checking your patients for both periodontal disease and occlusion. Both of these factors can be very damaging to an individual’s health therefore it is extremely important that these are issues are monitored at every check-up.

We’re going to be at #ProDentistry at London’s Olympia – stand 220. We hope to see you there.

In the meantime, if you’re already working in a practice, why not shop for dental uniforms.

We’ll also be at other dental events in 2016.