Almost all medical staff wear scrubs nowadays – from doctors and nurses to administrative personnel even.  Think about TV shows like Holby City and ER – they almost always wear scrubs.

Scrub tops, a nursing essential

The scrub suit is now a hallmark of the medical and healthcare industry, a uniform even. They make professionals easier to recognise, provide protection for staff and help to make them look more professional.

If you’re a medical or healthcare professional, here we provide some basic top tips and questions to consider when choosing your scrub suit:

  • Is the scrub suit safe to bleach?
  • Is the scrub suit “self ironing”?
  • Can your scrub suit be personalised or embroidered?
  • Can you buy matching scrub tops and matching scrub trousers?
  • Do you need to have pockets on your scrub suits?
  • How many scrub suit sets are you realistically going to need?

The anatomy of the scrub suit - graphic showing five key features

Here’s also a handy rundown of the key features of a great scrub suit:

1. Easy to put on and take off

2. Highly functional

3. Functional but not at the expense of form!

4. Super easy to clean

5. Available in many colours

For more, read our anatomy of the perfect scrub suit!

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This post has been updated from an original blog published in July 2015.